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The Opioid Crisis and Older Americans: Philanthropy’s Role in Addressing the Effects

Article from Nonprofit Quarterly by Karen Kahn

elderly couple

According to Karen Kahn, "As our country ages, rural communities are aging the most rapidly. One in four adults over the age of 65 lives in a small town or rural area, about 10 million Americans. Many of these older adults suffer from chronic illnesses and pain associated with a lifetime of labor. When opioids are prescribed, insufficient education about dangers associated with these drugs—including overdose and death—can lead to unintended misuse and abuse."

Opioid misuse in older adults is very common in more rural regions due to poor health literacy and misunderstanding of the effects of the drugs themselves. Read this article to learn about the opioid crisis among older Americans, and how upstream solutions, like getting nonprofits involved, can help fully address the opioid crisis. 

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