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Collaborating with Community Nonprofits to Address the Opioid Epidemic

Article from NC State Philanthropy Journal by Gina Clark


According to Gina Clark, "The socio-economic, geographic and psychographic contributors to this issue are as diverse as the millions of people it is affecting. It is clear the response to the crisis must be just as multi-layered, personal and scalable, which is where collaboration becomes essential. There needs to be a clear and grounded understanding of the people at risk and the factors affecting these risk levels that are specific to them as individuals. We have to begin at the community-level with nonprofits that have identified the people most in need of resources and support and, from there, build strong partnership networks that allow us to maximize resources and create the greatest change."

This article discusses the importance of collaborations between non-profits and community organizations to fight the opioid epidemic. 

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