InterAct Cares Nonprofit


InterAct Cares is being certified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit to provide our portal solutions at no or reduced cost to collegiate recovery communities, civic organizations, and non-profits. Donations defray the cost of the portal services for groups who do not have funding to purchase and manage technology.

InterAct’s turnkey technology solution educates & engages audiences

The opioid crisis has left us struggling with how to cope with the large number of adolescents becoming addicted before they leave high school, the 70,000 Americans who overdose and die each year, and those who fail to understand how to treat the disease. InterAct totally automates the process of providing online education and content, attracting and communicating with audiences, and providing other support services using technology.

All InterAct portals are connected to a centralized content library that curates and adds high-quality content from respected sources, organizes it into categories and delivers it to the portals in the network.

InterAct helps organizations do more with less.

  • Automates processes to make staff more efficient.
  • Has a continuous flow of content bypassing the need for the organization to create their own.
  • Automates the process of delivering notifications, reminders, and newsletters.
  • Automates the onboarding of portal members
  • Has personal calendars with text reminders for members.
  • Produces reports showing you how people engage with the portal.

Your donation provides valuable technology services

Donating to InterAct Cares allows us to deliver portal services to organizations that would not otherwise have the resources to have technology that automates processes, educates audiences and allows them to operate with fewer staff members.